Water Chillers - Hailea


Hailea Water Chillers

HC-100A, HC-150A, HC-300A, HC-500A, HC-1000A, HC-2200B chillers are perfect for your aquariums, pools, ponds and hydroponic growing needs.

  • Strong Metal Chassis designed to suit any surroundings
  • Environmentally Friendly R134a Refrigerant
  • Low Noise Output
  • Temperature Maintained by a Digital Controller
  • Flow Rate Decided by Max Jet of Water Pump (Immersible power filter) and Circulation Equipment.

Model: HC-1000A

Water Refrigerated: 300~1000L

Power: 1HP

Iced Medium: R134a

Voltage: 220~240V (110~120V)

Rate of Flow: 1500~4000L/H

Frequency: 50Hz

Weight: 31.3kg

Working Current: 3.2A

Size: 520×400×480mm