Nutrient Control

Nutrient control has two key components. pH is one of the two main variables and the other is Electrical Conductivity (E.C). UK tap water has a pH of 7.0 but plants do best in a lower range of 5.8 – 6.5.

pH drift is common and gardener’s periodically adjust using pH down to bring water pH back to optimal levels because pH is the key that unlocks access to the nutrition. If your pH fluctuates away from optimum levels plants can no longer uptake particular nutrients from the solution

One of the several advantages of choosing an active hydroponic system is that you can easily measure and accurately control the strength (cF) and pH of your nutrient solution, so it’s exactly right for your plants. This allows you to enjoy faster growth rates and higher yields.

Getting the strength and pH of the nutrient solution right is absolutely essential for successful hydroponic growing. That’s why an accurate and reliable nutrient strength meter and pH meter are such crucial items for when you make up your nutrient solution. Bluelab meters, in particular, are many growers’ favourite. As long as they are looked after and maintained properly, they never miss a beat.

As always, for advice on nutrient and pH management, visit our store or call 020 3609 4067 for expert advice.

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48 results