Sprayers & Foggers

Foggers: Fog is fantastic for germination and propagation in greenhouses. İt provides a more uniform wetting across the plants in your greenhouse without over-saturation of the soil and roots (thus reducing disease and fungal growth). Fog can achieve deeper penetration into the leaves and is more efficient than misting.
Indoor applications of foggers includes evaporative cooling, propagation, pesticide application and fungicide application.

Sprayers: A foliar spray provides a fast and effective way to address nutrient deficiencies. It is also the most common way to apply insecticides and fungicides. When you spray, spray the entire plant – in particular the undersides of the leaves. Many pests, such as spider mites and other aphids are often located on the leaf undersides. This is also where more of the stomata are located.

Avoid spraying during flowering. Spraying the buds can lead to anything from a spoilt taste to an increased chance for mouldy buds.

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