Grow Systems & Pots

Many grow systems are highly adaptable in size and lots are labour saving.

The first exciting step is to choose what medium you will grow in – water/ soil/ coco and then look at the best system for your growing medium. We can help you grow virtually any plant at any time of year.

Come to us for pots, cloth pots, saucers, irrigation fittings, pumps, compressors, trays, hoses, tanks and tops - all here along with the expertise needed to get everything growing flourishingly!

For specialists we have active hydroponics systems such as NFT, Flood & Drain, Deep Water Culture and Drip Irrigation and the best brands like Autopot, Wilma and İWS systems. İf you are a beginner or have a small space take a look at our many small and medium kits.

70 results
70 results