Grow Lights

Lights can be bought singly, as multiples or as kits. At the very least you need:
• A growing lamp: to emit plant light, also called a grow bulb. • A ballast: to regulate how much power goes to your grow lamp. • A reflector: to direct light emitted by your growing lamps down to your plants.

Cheap grow lights can still be effective. You can get a good indoor grow light without having to spend a fortune, quality grow lights for can cost less than £100. Professional growers for whom each % of yield is crucial should choose from the more expensive range of lights.

How often should I buy grow lights for plants?
All bulbs degrade and every 1% of light lost costs you 1% of your yield. Most people should buy replacement lamps or new grow lights for plants every 6 -12 months.
We sell all these products individually and in kits too – some grow tent kits also contain lights. These will be tailored to the size of the tent and are a great starting place for simple indoor grows.

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104 results