Bloom Boosters

Like vegetative boosters these supplemental products are intended to spur extra growth and density in your flowers and fruits.

Every gardener wants the best harvest possible but this section also contains some of the more controversial products – PGR’s. We recommend you grow organic and stay organic but many commercial agriculturalists do use these products to great effect. The following are the key product types in this category.

BLOSSOM STIMULATORS – Blossom Stimulators have low NPK values and contain amino acids, sugars and micronutrients to support profuse blossom. The use of some blossom stimulators can induce flowering earlier with less stretch.
PK BOOSTERS – PK boosters provide the high amounts of potassium and phosphorous required in large amounts during flowering and fruiting. They increase biomass, density and quality.
PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS (PGR’S) – PGR’s are hormones that occur naturally in plants that determine the plants response to their environment. It is generally considered important to flush heavily when using a PGR’s as they may impact on taste, flavour and perhaps, human health. The jury’s still out – our main recommendation when it comes to PGR’s is to experiment with low dosage rates or best of all go organic.

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113 results
113 results