Vegetative Boosters

Many of our nutrient manufacturers make additional types of mono nutrients, enzymes and hormones that can be added to plants before they flower. These are intended to fine tune plant growth by enhancing foliar growth allowing the plant to achieve its maximum potential.

These additional products help build more nodes, better intermodal distance, disease resistance, strength and profuse roots.

Initially your attention should be directed towards roots and the laying of strong foundations. We have an amazing array of products that encourage your plants to perform – everything from breaking down old and damaged root mass and building a protective barrier against disease to promoting efficient nutrient transportation.

When roots are well established your attention should turn to stems and leaves – to the increase of plant material and vigorous growth. Carefully tailoring your mix of additives during will have a direct impact upon final yields.

We stock an ever expanding list of excellent products in this area, from the industry’s very biggest names including the UK’s greatest range of organic products.

For further advice on vegetative boosters system get in touch with our specialist team by calling 020 3609 4067.

15 results
15 results