Phresh Stealth Hyper Fan


Hyper Fan Stealth 6", 8” & 10" is a lightweight silent fan that offer you the same CFM’s as the Hyper Fans and exactly the same 50% reduction in energy emission.

The Stealth Hyper Fan is made with Laminar flow fan blade & Stator Technology. The result is very high CFM’s and exceptional static pressure performance similar to a jet engine. Hyper Fan Stealth’s deliver the highest CFM’s per watt of any silenced fan on the market. So basically you’re getting the reliable Hyper Fan but combined with a silencing canister and lightweight acoustic foam especially designed for the Stealth series.

The Hyper Fan Stealth series gives you a reduction of 15 dba’s (decibel A-weighting) which is perceived to the human ear as 75% less noisy. Tip: Hyper Fans can be used with third party environmental controllers that switch the fan on and off. Green Thumb Ninja says: Not only do these fans give a great flow rate but they are economical lightweight, robust, and silent. Thumbs