Leek Organic Seeds - Carentan


Large thick stems with blue-green foliage for cropping late October to early January. 

Pack Size: 225 Seeds


Indoors - May be sown early in trans under glass for exhibition work.

Outdoors - Sow the seeds thinly in a well-prepared seedbed in shallow drills 2cm deep in short rows.  Thin the seedlings to 4-5cm apart as they grow.  When the seedlings are about the thickness of a pencil, they should be lifted and transplanted.  Make a 15cm deep hole with a rod, trim off the ends of roots and leaves, drop into the hole, and fill the hole with water.  Do not fill the hole with soil,  The length of the white stem can be increased by earthing up as the plant grows.

Known in Egypt from the time of the Pharaohs, the leek has been cultivated in Britain since Saxon times. We believe that leeks should be available throughout the year as they are in France. With some experimentation with sowing dates, this variety should give you leeks for every season.