HydroTops - Triple F


Triple F (Fully Formed Flowers) was developed in 2002. It's been tested and refined continuously over several years and now has achieved prime status as the best performing 100% organic flowering stimulant.

Triple F's base mechanism lies in the organic symbiosis of specially selected microbes which work to enhance and  protect the plant root biosphere.

  • Available in 125ml,  250ml and 500ml packs.
  • No plant growth regulators adde (NO PGR’S)
  • 100% Organic all the way.

FFF will increase nutrient uptake, stimulate protein synthesis, enhance carbohydrate metabolism, increase cell division and photosynthetic co2 fixation.

Your plants will experience huge increases in flower and fruit density. The water and nutrient uptake will also increase considerably resulting in bigger harvests.