HydroTops - Hydro Grow A&B


HydroTops bioponic grow is nutritionally balanced to encourage the establishment of strong branches, abundant foliage and profuse flowering sites. Plants assimilate the most nutrition during the vegetative and early flowering stage. Formulations for hydroponic and coco growing. Available in soft and hard water, as well as regional and custom, formulations for use in hydroponic and coco.

  • Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litres
  • No plant growth regulators (PGR’S)

The ionically balanced formulation  of bioponic grow supplies all your plants biochemical needs and stimulates maximum nutrient assimilation at the period of greatest demand. Nutrient assimilation rates at this stage relate directly to higher yields at harvest. The pH stability of the bioponic nutrient range is second to none. Blended with fractions of humic and fulvic organic acids Utilising our legendary plant friendly bioorganic buffering and chelation technology major pH adjustment and nutrient lock out is a thing of the past.