New Millenium - Winter Frost


New Millenium Winter Frost: This user friendly pre-flush solution works in all substrates and brings that incredible purple bloom to your fruits. You can use it with ANY other product as it contains NO base nutrients.

New Millenium Winter Frost accentuates the ripening process in annual flowering and fruiting flora.

The technology creates a natural senescence or crashing effect on the plant system. Once the bloom or fruiting body has reached peak bio-mass, Winter Frost encourages plant energy to condense towards the fruit on the branches and promote fluent ripening throughout. The result is consistent fruit and flower maturation and proliferation of essential oils and terpenes at harvest. Once dosed with Winter Frost, plants focus energy on defending against frost and bulking up fruit pods, ready for next year's sowing. This can be seen with the red, burgundy and purple colour changes. Any of this colouration is a sign that Winter Frost is working!

There are no harmful PGR's or hormones used in any of our formulas. 


  • Can draw out colours
  • Increases essential oils and terpene production
  • Stimulates early ripening

How to Use

For best results, use at a rate of 2/3ml per Litre in the final week of flowering before you begin the flush. Suitable for use in both hydroponic systems and coco or soil based systems.