Hailea - Whisper Quiet Air Pumps


Hailea Whisper Quiet Air Pumps

These robust little air pumps cover a range of uses and are made of quality components. A noise reducing baffle system is used to reduce the sound emitting from the working unit making it ideal for indoor use aquariums, bubbler systems and hydroponics.

 Model: ACO-7700

  • Performance L/min: 2L/min
  • Power Watts: 1.8w
  • Outlet: Single


Model: ACO-7701

  • Performance L/min: 4L/min
  • Power Watts: 3w
  • Outlet: Single


Model: ACO-7702

  • Performance L/min: 8L/min
  • Power Watts: 4.5w
  • Outlet: Double


Model: ACO-7703

  • Performance L/min: 10L/min
  • Power Watts: 5w
  • Outlet: Double