Hailea - HX Series Budget Water Pump (285L/hr-2000L/hr)


The low power HX88 mini series is ideal for water feature, rock pools and water falls. Its rotor assembelly is easy to remove and maintain whilst having the ability to be mounted in any orientation. The HX88 mini has a fully adjustable flow regulator to give you better control over the flow of the pump to match your application.

Ideal for pumping nutrients in NFT/ flood and drain applications.

Low Power Consumption

Supplied with barbed brass connector and manifold. 

Asset-5-compressor (2).jpg
    HX800 285 l/hour 0.5m 3W
    HX1500 400 l/hour 0.7m 5W
    HX2000 650 l/hour 1.0m 10W
    HX2500 650 l/hour 1.3m 12W
    HX4500 2000 l/hour 2.4m 35W