Water Pumps 3600Ltr/hr - 5000Ltr/hr - Aqua King


The Aquaking Q Series are a heavy duty water pump that can moves an extraordinary amount of water. Models from 3600 Ltr/Hr – 10,000 Ltr/Hr. The Aquaking water pump draws water through the bottom allowing minimum water left in nutrient reservoirs and it does this extremely quickly.

With a self-priming float switch it means you can use the pump in a reservoir and the pump will not be activated until the water in that reservoir reaches a level where the float switch is lifted. This makes this type of pump ideal in the waste tank of a run to waste system, deep ponds and multi level aquariums

The Aquaking water pumps are designed for speed, power efficiency and are highly reliable and durable units.


Q2007 - 3600Ltr/hr

  • 200 watts engine power. 230 volts / 50 Hz;
  • Hose 20/25 mm and 1 '' outer thread;
  • 3600 liters per hour;
  • 5.0 mwk (0.5 atm pressure);
  • 5 mm vapor permeate;
  • 10 meter rubber cable H05-RNF. 3 x 0.75 mm.