Advanced Nutrients - Voodoo Juice


Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice is a root booster that utilises beneficial microbes (active soil organisms) to improve plant performance. Voodoo joice can be used with soil or hydroponics systems (including Coco Coir).

It is unbelievably easy to maximize the function of plant roots to achieve optimum harvests. Improve roots by utilizing their ability to form symbiotic relationships with beneficial fungi and bacteria. This will improve and accelerate nutrient and water uptake.

Additionally beneficial microbes will break down any old decaying root material and turn them into more nutrients for the plant. Microbes will also encourage aeration so more oxygen penetrates into the roots. Microbes also capture and promote nitrogen usage and help make phosphorus more available, which you are aware of as essential, major nutrients for your plants.

Voodoo Juice benefits include:

  • the maximum development of roots on your seedlings, transplants and clones
  • roots have enhanced branching, density and mass
  • an enhancement and efficiency of plant nutrient uptake, saving you overall time and money spent
  • definite improvement in growth and flowering cycles