Mills - Vitalize


Mills Vitalize is a unique, concentrated and stabilised form of silicic acid, a bio available form of silicon. This flagship product from the Mills thickens stems and branches meaning plants are stronger and better equipped to cope with stress and pests. 

The benefits of this brilliant product are:

  • Increases and strengthens plant's immune system and photosynthesis 
  • Improves the yield and the quality of the product.
  • Improves the crop’s resilience against insects
  • Improves the root structure in both size and weight
  • Reduces perspiration and optimises water management
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients and its utilisation in the the plant production system
  • Immobilises heavy toxic metals
  • Aids absorption of plants nutrients
  • Easy to use as a Foliar fertiliser leaving no residue on the plants

Tip: Suitable for mixing with other fertilisers or other protective means.


0.5ml/L in growth phase and the first 4 weeks of flowering, then reduce to 0.25ml/l. 

Mixing Instructions

  1. Fill reservoir with water.
  2. Add VITALIZE and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add BASIS A and mix thoroughly.
  4. Add BASIS B and mix thoroughly (always use equal amounts of A & B).
  5. Add appropriate additive.
  6. Adjust pH of nutrient solution to 5.8–6.2.
  7. Feed your plants.

Do not premix nutrients. Add to water only.


Foliar Feeding

  1. Add 2.5 ml of Vitalize per liter.
  2. pH to 5.5
  3. Apply every 7 days up to second week in bloom