Veg+Bloom - Stacks



Stacks from Hydroponic Research is a top-quality growth powder containing calcium and magnesium. Using a good quality CalMag in your feed schedule is essential for maximising growth potential whilst minimising the chance of running into deficiencies which could ultimately damage your final yield. STACKSX will increase the production of new shoots and stimulate root development.

General Information

Only food and pharmaceutical grade components are utilised in the manufacturing process of this premium dry nutrient. Each batch made is rigorously tested to ensure that maximum consistency and purity are apparent. This gives users peace of mind that VEG+BLOOM will deliver the same outstanding results every time it’s used.


  • Suitable for Coco or Hydroponic systems
  • Powdered for maximised concentration
  • As this is a one-part nutrient, it is very easy to use

How to Use

For best results, please follow the feeding charts provided by the manufacturer. STAX is suitable for use in conjunction with VEG+BLOOM and SHINE.