UGro Pot9 RHIZA 9L


The Ugro Rhiza Quick Fill Grow Bags revolutionise the setting up of your grow space. Say goodbye to heavy bags and pots (as well as nosy neighbours) with these convenient dry-compressed blocks contained within a growing sack. Simply add water and your substrate is ready to go! All Ugro coco is washed and buffered, ensuring that it's ready to use straight away. Furthermore, the dehydration and compression process guarantees that it'll be free of any pests. The Ugro Rhiza variant comes ready inoculated with the beneficial fungi 'endomycorrhizae'.

Pot9 Professional Rhiza 9L – 900g

Ugro Pot Rhiza is a 900-gram grow bag holding a mix-of-three dehydrated and compressed coconut structures (coir, chips and fibres), enriched with endomycorrhizae which facilitates a better uptake of nutrients. The bag has holes punched in its base to facilitate drainage. With 5-6 L of clean water yields up to 9 L of coco peat.

  • High quality coconut substrate made in India.
  • Coconut substrate, free of soil pathogens, odours, roots and any other impurities.
  • Washed in clean, salt-free water.
  • A plant-based product for indoor and outdoor use.
  • True-buffered.
  • Optimal EC & pH levels.
  • Coir has a fibrous texture which provides the best water holding capacity for plant roots.
  • Excellent aeration properties.
  • Easy to use and easy to grow.