Spray2Grow - Thrips Protection Spray 500ml


Spray2Grow Thrips Protection Spray Concentrate – 500ML

Thrips Protection Spray Concentrate is an all-natural treatment to fight thrips. It is made up of a blend of various natural and organic plant extracts and saponins. When diluted and used as a foliar spray, plants will be greener, healthier and thrip free!

  • Offers natural protection and treatment for thrips, whatever their stage of development
  • Contains various organic extracts
  • Safe to use throughout the entire plant life cycle
  • Quick and simple foliar application
  • Speeds up recovery after thrip infestations
  • Recommended as a preventative measure
  • Boosts overall health thanks to the incorporated biostimulant

How It Works

This spray contains a concentrate of a natural and organic extract, that when diluted protects plants from attack by thrips. This foliar biostimulant also helps plants recover from pest attacks quicker.

Using Spray2Grow keeps your plants healthy, green and pest free, allowing improved flowering and fruiting.

How To Use

Dilute at 50ml per Litre – 500ml makes up 10 Litres of spra

  • Can be used at any stage of plant growth
  • 500ml concentrate

Thrips Protection Spray by Spray & Grow is a foliar spray that feeds your plants and helps to combat thrips infestations biologically. Because of its organic composition Thrips Protection Spray is completely safe to use in any stage of plant growth. Using our spray will ensure healthy, green and clean plants. Therefore ensuring an optimized growth and bloom of your plants.

500 ml of Concentrate makes 10 liters of spray liquid for +/-20m2 area