Canna - Terra Professional Plus 50L


What is it?

CANNA Terra Professional Plus is the purest potting mix for plant culture available. It also has the finest results when used with CANNA TERRA nutrition. The formulation was created primarily for indoor, grow-room environments. Of course, it also produces positive benefits outdoors.


  • CANNA Terra Professional Plus is made up of antibacterial peat moss and several types of tree bark. They encourage superior root growth as well as the creation of thicker stems.
  • Furthermore, higher metabolism paired with decreased illness rates ensures improved output.
  • The medium has been pH-adjusted for long-term management, and a lime charge big enough to endure a whole cycle has been added. It contains a mineral-nutrient startup charge that increases the initial nutrient level up to a healthy starting charge, altering the ratios to operate flawlessly with CANNA TERRA nutrients.
  • The unique construction optimizes the quantity of air and water in the medium.
  • CANNA Terra Professional Plus includes trace elements and chelates that safeguard the plants as they grow.

How to use

Fill the pots with CANNA Terra Professional Plus, slightly compressing the medium. Place the plant in the CANNA Terra Professional Plus after adding water until a little amount drains through.

  • Adjust the amount of water delivered to the demands of the plant in question-based on the size of the pot, growing circumstances, and development stage. Adult plants evaporate 4-6 liters of moisture per m2 per day under typical circumstances.
  • Use 5 gallons or bigger containers for larger plants. The bigger the pot, the more stable the root environment. Check for adequate drainage; you may wish to add a thin layer of hydro-granules to the bottom of the pot for air and drainage.

CANNA Terra Professional's plastic packaging is completely recyclable.


  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Do not expose to temperatures below 4ºC
  • Bag contents 50L

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