TA Pro Organic Grow (from GHE)


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Pro Organic (formerly G.O. Thrive) organic range two part plant food Highly concentrated, fully organic, 2-part liquid nutrient. The first and only complete certified organic nutrient for all substrates. With a pedigree dating back to 2004, General Organics Thrive has been in commercial use around the world for years, including by our partners Les Sourciers. General Organics Thrive is a practical and incredibly effective way to feed your plants organically, for hobby growers and professionals alike. The General Organics: Thrive formulas are specifically designed to meet the needs of all plants throughout growth, flowering and fruiting. We base our formulations on ecological principles that maintain respect for the environment whilst providing plants with balanced, effective nutrition. Thrive actively improves the root environment by feeding microbes that live in harmony with your plant. This provides the essential nutrition and environment to deliver healthy vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting. Thrive is ideal for every type of plant and will work wonders as a standalone product: when we say “complete” we mean it: you don’t need additional elements for a successful, bountiful grow, in most water.