Tee Ducting Connector


Ducting T Connectors are metal ducting joints to supply or extract are into two separate areas. 

  • High quality galvanised sheet metal
  • Robust construction with simple to fit connections

Hints and Tips. Minimum air flow capacity should circulate a grow room's air supply every 5mins!

W2.5 x L2 x H2M = 10M3 every 5mins, 5mins x 12 = 1Hr 120M/ph minimum.

Available in 9 different sizes:

  • 100x100x100
  • 125x125x125
  • 150x150x150
  • 200x200x200
  • 250x250x250
  • 315x315x315
  • 125x125x100
  • 200x200x100
  • 200x200x215