Evoponic - Super Rootz 250ml


Super Rootz is a unique biostimulant infused with humates and fulvates combined with amino and carboxylic acids. The precise combination of these elements along with plant extracts and sugars gives your plants the ability to make longer, weightier, more effective root systems capable of maximising water and nutrient uptake efficiency.

Your garden will have all the benefits of healthy flourishing root systems and will cope better with all forms of stress. As a result faster growth is possible.

Advantages of Super Rootz:

  • Increase stress resistance
  • Epic root growth
  • Faster growth development

 How to use Super Rootz:

Application rates for all substrates - Super Rootz may be included with all feeds at only 1ml per Litre during the first 3 weeks of the growing phase.

Super Rootz will also increase E.C. levels in nutrient solutions but as it contains no major nutrient (NPK) content, this may be safely ignored.

TIP: Beware of plants becoming pot-bound more quickly following the use of Super Rootz.