Monkey Nutrients - Stress/ Silicone


Monkey Stress is a stable and bio-available form of silicon, called mono-silicic acid (also called Ortho-silicic acid). Although not an essential nutrient for plant life, it has been found to be an extremely beneficial growth hack. The formula is highly concentrated with it’s effects quickly visible. Plants given Stress will show a robust vigour, which will help support it physically and protect it from abiotic and biotic stresses.

Stress is also a vital component in the second key stage of plant development, Shoots. With stress you will observe dense lateral canopy growth. This provides for increased flowering sites in bloom.


  • Silicon is one of the most abundant elements, second only to oxygen ! Rocks, sand and soil all contain huge amounts of silicon but not all silicon is the same…
  • Stress is Mono-silicic acid. The bio-available form of silicon, specifically made for plant development.
  • Mono-silicic acid deposits directly on the outer layer of cell walls providing mechanical and physical strength to cells.
  • Stress provides a shield of armour to protect and defend plants from biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) stress factors