Phresh - Hyperfan V2 Silenced EC Fan


Stealth Hyperfan - Phresh

If you want a quiet grow environment then the Stealth Hyperfan by Phresh will fit the bill. They are whisper quiet and use laminar flow blade and stator technology that provides optimum air flow in your environment. They have been designed based on a jet aeroplane meaning you get very high CFM's (cubic feet per minute) of air volume and provides excellent static pressure and performance. Combining Hyperfan technology with acoustic foam and a robust silencing canister, the Silenced Hyperfan V2 has been designed to eliminate sound while moving large volumes of air.

These are the version2 of the original design as they combine a silencing canister with lightweight acoustic foam which gives a greater reduction in noise. They are very economical and use 50% less power than a traditional fan and have a built in fan speed controller to enable greater control.

  • High Quality Stealth Fan
  • Optimal Air Flow
  • High CFMs but Near Silent
  • Low noise
  • Operates with a separate fan controller
  • Low cost EC tech – 50% less power than typical AC fan
  • Most powerful EC fan of its size, class and price
  • Long life – self lubricating ball bearings
  • 2 year warranty