Gold Label - Special Mix 45L


Expect golden results from the golden bag from Gold Label's Special mix.  Based on a secret Dutch recipe, made using Swedish virgin white peat of the highest quality, this flagship product is the result of over 20 years continuous development.  Amazingly one gram of Special Mix can absorb a stunning ten grams of water.

  • A heavily fertilised blend of peat, perlite, minerals and organic matter, Special Mix is cut into a coarse structure and mixed with only the highest quality perlite, Swedish clay, lime, minerals, trace elements and organic fertilizer.
  • It’s a complete mix, ready for use. S
  • Special Mix contains enough nutrition for the first 6 weeks of growth.
  • Special Mix retains its open structure even when wet, making it ideal for drip feed systems. 

Caution! Always check PH after mixing nutrients as final solution may change PH levels.

TIP: Not suitable for seeds or cuttings. 

(Please note, this is a heavy item and will incur a £5 surcharge for postage at checkout.)