SMSCOM - Twin Fan Speed Controller MK2


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SMSCOM Twin Fan Controllers 

Simply plug in both intake and exhaust extractor fans to the new Twin Fan Controller and set minimum speed and desired to grow area temperature. By automatically adjusting both fans, it will bring your preset temp back into balance. Unlike other fan controllers this unit is software controlled and very accurate, it will even maintain negative air pressure in growing areas or for a perfect environment. 4.5 amp & 7amp maximum capacity.

The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 is a very compact, yet very complete ventilation controller for 2 fans with a maximum current of 4.5 or 7 Amps. The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 is electronically controlled and provides a simple, accurate method for the correct temperature of your room. The SMSCOM Twin Controller MK2 continuously regulates the correct speed for your fans and reserves the right temperature. In and/or exhaust fans can be connected at any power outlet.

Available in 4.5amp & 7amp