SHOGUN Sumo Boost


SHOGUN Sumo Boost

This premium biostimulant packs some serious power. It promises an increase in essential oils, thanks to its triacontanol content, and yield gains of up to 10%.

Everything in this carefully-considered blend is natural, keeping plants healthy as they thrive. 

No pain, all gain

If you’re looking to increase yield size, this is the SHOGUN product for you. Sumo Boost is a carefully considered blend of growth-stimulating compounds. 

One of the most impressive is a phyto-hormone, a chemical messenger that:

  • Increases chlorophyll content within days;
  • Upregulates plant genes associated with photosynthesis and downregulate genes that cause stress;
  • Increases calcium, magnesium, and potassium concentrations in fruits and flowers.

This phyto-hormone works across all aspects to boost nutrient content, stimulate photosynthesis, and protect against disease - setting plants up for a yield of epic proportions. 

Increases essential oil production

Sumo stimulates the production of secondary metabolites, substances in a plant which provide selective advantages. These have no impact on their health but instead will improve aspects like the brightness of flowers or the sweetness of fruits.  

Sumo’s secondary metabolites increase essential oil production. Not only does this benefit the grower, but essential oils are a source of defence for plants. Many oils are harmful to pests, acting as a deterrent and insecticide without the need for harsh chemicals. 

Expert formula

Sumo Boost gets its power from triacontanol, a substance found in the waxy cuticles of leaves. When applied to roots, it acts as a growth stimulant while increasing sugar, protein, and oil content in your plants. 

It also contains seaweed extracted through natural and gentle methods. This helps it to retain the all-important auxins and cytokinins. 

Auxins increase growth by physically elongating each cell as well as promoting cell division - so you’ll get a higher quantity of longer cells in your plant. This makes for impressive shoot growth!

Cytokinins are essential plant regulators that control leaf formation and increase chlorophyll synthesis. As a result, they’re responsible for photosynthesis. High levels of cytokinins - like you’ll find in Sumo Boost - will boost your leaf canopy and your yields. 

How to use SHOGUN Sumo Boost?

SHOGUN Sumo Boost may be used in any substrate, including soil or coco or in hydroponic systems. Apply throughout the flowering stage on a 9-week schedule. Growers may add extra weeks during mid flowering (approximately weeks 4-5) if necessary.

Feeding information is the same for Sumo Boost no matter the substrate you’re growing in. Dilute in the following quantities and add to your watering can, reservoir, or hydroponic tank:

Weeks 1-6: 2ml of Sumo Boost per litre of nutrient solution;

Week 7: 1.5ml of Sumo Boost per litre of nutrient solution;

Week 8: 1ml of Sumo Boost per litre of nutrient solution;

Final Week: Water only during this stage. 

SHOGUN Sumo Boost is primarily a root feed, but you may use it less frequently as a foliar spray for a more targeted application. 

To enhance nutrient uptake even further, use SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18 alongside Sumo Boost during flowering. 

Store in a cool, dry place above 7℃. Temperatures lower than this may cause the solution to crystallise. 

Where to use SHOGUN Sumo Boost?

Sumo Boost is best suited for hand watering in soil or coco, but it may also be used in your hydroponic system. You’ll see results in days! 

When to use SHOGUN Sumo Boost?

The ingredients in SHOGUN Sumo Boost are chosen to achieve peak flowering and so it should be used throughout the blooming stage.

Why choose SHOGUN Sumo Boost?

  • Stimulates photosynthesis and nutrient uptake;
  • Increases essential oils of fruits and flowers;
  • Brighter, larger yields;
  • Contains auxins and cytokinins naturally extracted from seaweed;
  • Forms greater resistance against bacteria and fungi;
  • Use as a root feed or foliar spray.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: SHOGUN

  • Capacity: 

  • pH: 2.6 - 5.0