Start strong with this propagation booster. SHOGUN Start reduces the amount of time it takes for seedlings to form roots. Natural hormones called auxins cause elongation in root cells, allowing your plants to develop longer and more complex root networks. 

What’s more, it vastly increases the survival rate of cuttings - so your hard work won’t be wasted. 

Gentle feeding for young plants 

Young plants need a delicate balance: it’s important to provide all the right nutrients from the beginning without overfeeding. 

SHOGUN Start contains vital macroelements in reduced quantities that are gentle enough for early growth. 

Leading SmartZen technology

SmartZen truly is a miracle from start to finish. You might recognise it from other SHOGUN products - it’s a pioneering booster that can increase yields by up to 8% more than standard NPKs.

You might not be thinking about yields yet, but SmartZen has other benefits to offer your cuttings. It increases chlorophyll production to accelerate photosynthesis and produce shoots earlier than ever. 

Treats transplant shock 

SmartZen is also an effective remedy and prevention method for transplant shock. This is when a plant experiences high stress due to being moved. If left untreated, plants can lose leaves, wilt, or even die. 

It’s particularly prevalent in cuttings, which need to be transplanted after germination. 

The good news is that you can increase your cutting survival rate with SHOGUN Start! Pre-soak your propagation cubes before transplanting, or use as a root feed once you have moved your young plants. Stress levels will dramatically decrease and your plants will have a better chance of a calm, thriving root network. 

Contains calcium and boron

Calcium and boron work together to encourage translocation (the movement of water and nutrients around a plant). 

Calcium is what stimulates photosynthesis and produces large yields. Boron activates the calcium - which is why you only need a trace amount of it. 

SHOGUN Start contains the ratios needed for calcium to perform at its best, fuelling root growth and preparing for larger, healthier plants. 

Contains humic and fulvic acids

Humic and fulvic acids are truly the all-rounders of young plants - and SHOGUN Start is packed with them. 

Humic acids are large molecules that perform plant-friendly functions in soil. They chelate (bind to) toxic metals, preventing them from entering the plant. At the same time, they make cell walls more permeable for greater uptake of beneficial nutrients. Humic acids also encourage microbial activity in soil, allowing the beneficial bacteria already present to do their job even more effectively. 

Fulvic acids are mostly made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Their main appeal for plant growers is that they bind to nutrients and take them straight to your plants. They’re particularly adept at transporting calcium, which builds strong plant structures. They’re particularly adept at transporting calcium, which builds strong plant structures. 

How to use SHOGUN Start?

SHOGUN Start is a versatile solution and can be used in a few different ways: 

Soaking propagation cubes: To prevent transplant shock in cuttings, use Start to pre-soak your propagation cubes at a dilution rate of 3-4ml/L. 

Foliar spray: Spray directly onto the leaves of cuttings at a dilution rate of 3-4ml/L. 

Root feed: You may use SHOGUN Start as a root feed in the first two weeks of the vegetative period. After this, your plants may need something with a higher concentration of nutrients. 

Dilute at a rate of 4-8ml/L and apply to your coco, soil, or hydroponic tank. 

Looking for the perfect match? SHOGUN Katana Roots perfectly complements the rooting abilities of Start and helps to bring these incredible results into the next stage of growth. 

Katana Roots may be used from the cutting period up until week 3 of flowering. 

Why choose SHOGUN Start?

  • Increases survival rate of cuttings;
  • Reduces root sprouting time;
  • Use as a root feed or propagation cube soak;
  • Contains crucial trace elements;
  • Gentle on young plants;
  • Free from pesticides;
  • Great results in any growing medium;
  • Pairs perfectly with SHOGUN Katana Roots.