Seaweed Powder 1L - Guanokalong


Seaweed Powder - Guanokalong

100% organic seaweed gathered from Gracilaria red algae. This beautiful looking alga not only contains macro-elements but is very rich in micro-nutrients too. This is why this seaweed powder is harvested for our plants as it helps with root structuring and increases plant growth.

Seaweed powder comes with an added bonus of helping out in the constant battle against bad bacteria and diseases., NPK 0.5 2 0, Tip: Can supplement regular nutrient program.

Useage: Mix seaweed powder with solution of 1 cup (50 ml) to 5 litres of water every week. Mix 2 cups of seaweed powder with 15 litres of soil for 1 plant in first week or use can be used as a top dressing.