Rox Flower Enhancer 1l


Rox Flower Enhancer is a product for the serious grower. There are no ifs or buts – this product does an incredible job.

ROX is powerful flower stimulator, designed to trigger explosive flowering. It contains a complex list of ingredients (including PGR’s) designed to get maximum yield from your favourite plants. Your flowers will experience unrivalled weight gain during the bloom/fruiting cycle and you will have dramatically larger yields.

How to use Rox Flower Enhancer:

Used during the 4th and 5th weeks of the flowering cycle, Rox Flower Enhancer has been formulated to assist plants after the initial flowering/fruiting phase. A complex blend of humates, seaweed extract, triacontanol and plant growth regulators (PGRs) stimulate growth and development at this crucial stage.

Always shake the bottle well before adding Rox to your nutrient solution. Rox Flower Enhancer is an additive and is to be used alongside your regular feeding schedule.

Mix up any base nutrient as usual and add Rox at a rate of 3ml per litre of water for a re-circulating system or 5ml per litre for soil or coco.

These dilution rates are a guideline and experimentation may be required to achieve the best dilution rate for your plants. 

There is no other product like ROX Flower Enhancer on the market and we are sure you will find that its initial outlay will pay for itself and then some!

Tip: High concentration and short term usage means that one bottle will go a very long way.

Never mix nutrients together in a concentrated form, always add nutrients and additives separately and mixing thoroughly into water.