Rocket Organic Seeds - Salad


A superb salad with leaves of a delicious spicy flavor. Quite unique and compulsive eating.

Pack Size: 750 Seeds


April to August

Where to Sow

For baby leaves sow thinly from April to September, 0.5cm (1/4in) deep in rows 25-30cm (10-12in) apart. Sow seed in succession every 2-3 weeks for a continuous supply of fresh baby leaves.

What to do next

Keep soil moist and cut leaves from each plant leaving some leaves on each so they re-grow. You will often get 3-4 cuttings per plant.


May to October

Handy Tip

Early sowings can be made in containers in a cold glasshouse. For micro salads sow every 7 days all year round in trays under glass or on a windowsill and harvest as seedlings to use as a garnish.

Nutritional Values

Rich in antioxidants.