Canna - Rhizotonic


Canna Rhizotonic – very powerful root stimulant at the growth stage. Perfect for use when repotting, transplanting or propagating. Rhizotonic foliar spray mix soothes the stress of all these activities on your plants and increases success rates of harvests. Healthy plants have strong roots.

  • Derived from marine algae – over 60 microbiotics and B vitamins
  • Increases resistance to illness and mould
  • Can be used as a nutrient solution or foliage spray
  • Can be used to soak seeds prior to planting (dilute 40ml/1 litre water)
  • For use with all growing media and in hard and soft water areas


NPK 0.6  0.2  0.6

Caution! Can be used from seed to final harvest. Always check PH after mixing nutrients as final solution may change PH levels.