REDUCED TO CLEAR - CANNA Mono Magnesium 7% (set of 1L x 4)


Canna Mono Nutrients

Canna pure Mono Nutrients are produced from exceptional ingredients, are easily soluble and directly absorbed by the plant.

CANNA Magnesium is essential for photosynthesis. It is an essential atom in chlorophyll. Furthermore, magnesium influences other pigments and physiological processes. This makes it an essential element in the development of the plant. CANNA Magnesium can be directly absorbed by the plant and therefore the effects can be seen quite soon. It can be used as a fertiliser for magnesium deficiency and as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate the growth and bloom.

    These products have past the printed best before date.  They range from 2021-2022. They have been stored correctly and are in good order but are being cleared for new stock. They are none returnable.