Evoponic - Reactor 1L


Reactor is a water treatment that will both soften and acidify water prior to adding nutrients. This enables plants to take in all nutrients without the risk of a pH lock out. Reactor creates the perfect, balanced foundation on which to build the most efficient growing environment.

Reactor also protects your growing equipment by eliminating hard water lime scale deposits and preventing the blocking of valves and nozzles.

How to use:

Add Reactor to water prior to preparing nutrient solutions.
Although the Reactor is red and it will turn water blue.

Keep adding small quantities of Reactor until a green or yellow colour change, normally at 6 to 10ml per 100L water.
Measure TDS or EC and then add nutrients to required EC increased level and readjust pH.

Tip: At the end of flowering water treated with Reactor can be used as a final flush.

Suitable for use in all systems and media.