RAW - Nitrogen

RAW Nitrogen – 20-0-0

Nitrogen: the Essential Macro-Element for Growth

RAW Nitrogen contains 20% ammonium nitrogen (N) in a water soluble form. Containing no nitrates or urea which  it to be applied at all stages of growth and bloom. Plants take up two forms of nitrogen: nitrate N and ammonium N. Raw Nitrogen is ammonium nitrogen only. It can also be use as a foliar feed and during bloom, unlike nitrate (N).

RAW Nitrogen is ideal for boosting nitrogen (N) levels, treating deficiencies and creating optimal recipe solutions. It also work in conjunction with all nutrient feeding programs.

Nitrogen is an essential macro-element for plant growth, used in relatively large quantities by the plant. 80% of the nitrogen needed for its entire growth cycle if assimilated in the first half. Therefore, most high-quality hydroponic grow formulas have a relatively high nitrogen: potassium ratio (N:K) compared to a bloom formula.

A typical N:K ratio for a vegetative growth nutrient is about 1:1.5 – about one and a half times more potassium than nitrogen. The N:K ratio for a typical fruiting and flowering formula is usually about 1:2 – about twice as much potassium as nitrogen.

As previously discussed plants take up nitrogen in two different forms: nitrate-N or ammonium-NO.

The N-P-K ratio is on the back of any fertiliser bottle. For example, if a fertiliser has an N-P-K ratio of 3-1-5, it has 3% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphorus (as P202) and 5% Potassium (as K20).

The percentage of nitrate-N and ammonium-NO is further broken down. A typical hydroponic base nutrient contains at least 90% of its nitrogen in the nitrate form, and no more than 10% of its nitrogen in its ammonium form.

    100% Water Soluble Powdered Nitrogen
    Clean, Simple Technology
    No fillers
    No stabilisers
    No added water
    Allows maximum control and custom formulations
    Costs less to produce more
Directions for Use:

Add 1/8 to 1/4 tsp per 4 Litres in reservoir for irrigation. Apply as needed.