Bloom All In One - RAW Soluble


RAW Bloom: All in One Water Soluble Grow Powder

RAW BLOOM is a tested blend of all 12 RAW Soluble plant nutrients, essential elements and supplements. This blend has been proven to be an optimal all in one base “Bloom” horticultural fertiliser. RAW BLOOM is used through out the entire flowering stage. Derived from: Plant protein hydrolysate, mono potassium phosphate, potassium sulphate, cane molasses, sodium borate, iron DTPA, magnesium sulphate, manganese sulphate and natural volcanic ash. Also contains non-plant food ingredients: Humic acids derived from leonardite and peat, kelp (ascophyllum nodosum), silicon dioxide derived from diatomite and yucca extract.

    100% Water Soluble Powdered All in one Bloom
    Clean, Simple Technology
    No fillers
    No stabilisers
    No added water
    Allows maximum control and custom formulations
    Costs less to produce more

Sizes Available & Litres of Solution Made

    Small Packet: Makes 10 Litre Solution
    2oz/57g: Makes 38 Litre Solution
    8oz/227g: Makes 150 Litre Solution
    2lb/907g: Makes 600 Litre Solution
    10lb/4.54kg: Makes 3,000 Litre Solution

RAW Bloom Directions for Use

1 tsp = 5ml
1 gal= 3.8Ltr

Shake package to ensure contents are mixed well before use.

Add 1-2 tsp per gal of water in reservoir for irrigation. Apply as needed.

For optimal results use RAW Calcium/Mag in conjunction with RAW Bloom. RAW Bloom is used through the entire flowering stage.