Cotton Trellis Netting


Cotton Trellis Netting is a heavy duty, long-lasting polyester trellis net protects tomatoes, peas, beans, and all other vine growing vegetables or flower crops. The 3.5" mesh that allows the trellis to handle more weight, remains taut, and provides strong support for growing crops. Available in two sizes, it’s a long, soft, non-burning mesh, protecting tender vines, foliage, and fruits. It also reduces damage from ground-rot, insects, and garden pests. With the aid of a Trellis Netting you will inevitably produce bigger, healthier, and earlier harvests. It can increase harvest from small garden spaces and helps to keep your produce cleaner produce and less damage.

Tip: This netting is excellent to use and can be cut to suit any grow area.

Available in two sizes.
5ft x 15ft & 
5ft x 30ft