Plant Strapper


Fast, Efficient Plant Strapper

Save time and effort in your outdoor or indoor garden with the new Easy Grow Plant Strapper. With this new product you can easily and effortlessly secure your plants stems and branches to support stakes, lines, plant poles and trellises. The Plant Strapper works by looping heavy-duty durable tape around your plant support and secures them together by stapling the ribbon together.

Plant Strapper comes with staples and ribbons as standard. Both the ribbons and staples are sold separately as replacements. 

How to Change & Load new tape

How to open Tape Holder: 

  • Put your finger on upper part, then open the cover with the thumb pressing the upper part.

How to load the Tape: 

  • Open the tape holder cover, load the tape as shown and close the cover until it “snaps”.
  • Set the tape while holding the head of the A-type handle unit with left hand and pull the tape downward with right hand.

How to pull out the Tape: 

  • Slightly squeeze the handles, the sharp hook will pull the tape out from the tape holding guard, then the tape is in the position to wrap. NOTE: After the tape catcher has caught the tape end, do not press the handle harder.
  • Release the handle. The tape will be pulled out.
  • In case the tape catcher does not catch the tape when you grasp the handle, press the handle harder several times until the tape is caug