Evoponic- PK Bulk


Evoponic's PK Bulk is for smashing blooms! A 3-in-1 concentrated formula!

Supplement nutrition in flowering plants, maximises flower buds and enhances flowers with natural plant extract hormones.

PK Bulk is a biostimulant that enhances and extends the flowering period. It has become the product-to-beat in indoor gardening, more concentrated than any competitor product yet still a true solution, with no suspended insolubles.

A safe and natural product without PGR’s, it is uniquely concentrated in order to yield unstoppable results.


Phosphate (P2O5): 180g/l
Potassium (K23O): 200g/l


From the end of week 2 of flowering to flush: Use just 2.5ML in 10L.

From week 7, through to flushing: Use 5ML in 10L.

Triggers an increase in flowering sites.

-  Causes fruits to swell-up in size. -  Increases the weight of the end-product. -  Can be used with any base nutrient.