BioTabs PK Booster Compost Tea


PK Booster Compost Tea - BioTabs

Contains a mixture of extremely concentrated organic compost including;

  • Bat Guano
  • Kelp
  • P releasing bacteria
  • K mobilising bacteria

After applying PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEA to your garden, you will notice the plants will respond almost immediately, firstly with a more open structure and leaves turning outwards at 45 degrees. The plant’s health and overall resistance to pathogens and airborne attacks will improve meaning they are less susceptible to that type of harm. The rate of flower production will rapidly increase over the upcoming weeks, as well the trichome production. Terpenes and plant alcohols will become more defined producing a highly aromatic garden that is most pleasing both, aesthetically and aromatically.

One thing that we find most of all from using BioTabs organic compost tea is the final flavours of your dried flowers will be superior in flavour, improving the overall experience. The microorganisms in the growing medium will be optimised, allowing the symbiotic relationship to be at a pinnacle, so growers can use the same medium over and over without the need to invest in new products to enrich their existing medium allowing a saving in money, time and labour.