PK 9-18 - Buddhas Tree


Buddhas Tree PK 9-18, NPK 0-9-18.

This absolutely amazing PK booster can be used with all grow mediums. It will add density to plants to produce up to 40% extra yield. Try out Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 and experience a great improvement compared to your traditional PK booster.Buddhas tree is produced in the U.K by one of the world's top five chemists, who has previously designed nutrients for many of the worlds award winning food production companies. Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 dramatically boosts the uptake of nutrients and also natural oils and sugars. This makes plants grow to their full potential, translating to much heavier crops and extremely potent yields. As well as encouraging a higher uptake of P and K (Phosphorous and Potassium), Buddhas Tree achieves such great performance through the breaking down of root enzymes leading to much healthier roots. Huge increase of natural smells and odour due to the increase in plant oil production. The strong aroma and increased oil production is a side effect of having super healthy crops.

The creators of Buddhas Tree 9-18 are so confident of the quality of their product, they have issued a challenge to any other nutrient producers that manufacture PK boosters; To get their PK booster tested by the appropriate EU regulating body and compete on product performance against them. The challenge is even open to nutrient companies at the more expensive top-end of the market.

Buddhas Tree 9-18 will work together with any well known NPK base nutrients. Try it together with your favourite nutrient line for amazing performance without fail. Grow Mediums and Accessories sold separately.

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Caution! Always check PH after mixing nutrients as final solution may change PH levels.