Phresh Hyperfan Air flow Extraction Kit

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Hyperfan Air Flow Extraction Kits designed to keep the air in your grow room moving rapidly by utilising the brilliant Phresh Hyperfan and removing un-wanted heat

HYPERFAN KIT TYPES (Individual Item Technical Specs At Bottom Of Page)


  • x1 Phresh Hyperfan - 6"

  • x1 Phresh Carbon Filter 150mm x 300mm (600 m3/hr)

  • x1 Combi Ducting 5m x 6"

  • x2 Jubilee Duct Clips

  • x1 2pk Ratchet Hangers (68kg combined weight)


  • x1 Phresh Hyperfan - 8"

  • x1 Phresh Carbon Filter 200mm x 400mm (1000 m3/hr)

  • x1 Combi Ducting 5m x 8"

  • x2 Jubilee Duct Clips

  • x1 2pk Ratchet Hangers (68kg combined weight)


  • x1 Phresh Hyperfan - 10"

  • x1 Phresh Carbon Filter 250mm x 600mm (1500 m3/hr)

  • x1 Combi Ducting 5m x 10"

  • x2 Jubilee Duct Clips

  • x1 2pk Ratchet Hangers (68kg combined weight)


INDUSTRIAL DUCTING 6", 8", 10" x5 Metre

    A multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminated ducting with a strong steel wire spiralled internal frame. It is very strong and does not tear or rip. Highly durable but flexible ducting protected by an anti-tear aluminium and polyester coating. This super strong ducting remains airtight even when put to the test against challenging grow room temperatures and pressures. It is also fire retardant and manufactured to strict European regulations to meet all safety standards.

    PHRESH HYPER FANS 6", 8" AND 10"

The Phresh Hyper Fan features Laminar Flow Fan Blade & Stator Technology creating optimal airflow similar in technology to an airplane propeller. The result is very high CFMs ( Cubic Feet per Minute ) and exceptional static pressure performance.

Phresh HyperFans deliver the highest CFM’s per watt of any fan in the industry. State-of-the-art digitally controlled DC powered Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) is extremely quiet, long lasting and very reliable. Best of all, this unique technology uses about half the power of traditional fans.

The included speed controller can adjust fan speed from 30% to 100%. It is detachable from the fan and independent from the power cord. Lightweight aluminum housing is one-third the weight of comparable steel bodied fans.

Combining the original hyper fan with the silencing canister technology you get the Phresh HyperFan Stealth series this results in a reduction of 15 dba's perceived to the human ear as 75% quieter perfect for your grow rooms and grow tents.

Like the original hyper fan this uses 50% less power than traditional fans.


Featuring Super-Efficient, High-Powered Digital Motors
Hyper Fans were the first digital multiphase fans to hit the market, and they’ve been developing a loyal following ever since! They’re more powerful than regular AC fans, quieter and much more efficient, so they'll easily pay for themselves in energy savings alone. Make the switch to digital tech and you’ll never look back!

The first digital fan to hit the market and still one of the best - a customer favourite
Generates immense static pressure - moves 1206 cubic metres of air per hour
Uses a quarter of the power of traditional AC duct fans
Easily pays for itself by saving a fortune on energy bills (see below)
Built with innovative, brushless multiphase motors
Utilises 'soft start' circuitry resulting in less wear and tear
Quiet running (for an even quieter version, check out the Stealth)
Features lightweight aluminium casing
Superior, self-lubricating bearings
Supplied with an independent fan speed controller unit (not temp sensitive)

  • Hyper Fan - 150mm (6")
    Diameter: 150mm
    Airflow: 535 m3/hr
    dB A: 65
    Max watts: 35w
    Peak amps: 0.3
    Weight: 1.3kg

  • Hyper Fan - 200mm (8")
    Diameter: 200mm
    Airflow: 1206 m3/hr
    dB A: 68
    Max watts: 75w
    Peak amps: 0.55
    Weight: 2.3kg

  • Hyper Fan - 250mm (10")
    Diameter: 250mm
    Airflow: 1810 m3/hr
    dB A: 71
    Max watts: 170w
    Peak amps: 1.1
    Weight: 3kg

How the Hyper Fan Works:
Digital Fans offer numerous benefits over traditional AC fans. Firstly, they’re much more efficient, meaning that they shift a greater volume of air for every watt of electricity consumed. Over time, you’ll save a fortune on your energy bills, and this money can be put to use in other areas of your grow room. Digital motors also generate incredible static pressure levels, so adding a carbon filter won’t affect air flow as much as it can with other fans. Hyper Fans feature self-lubricating bearings, which makes them incredibly durable. For peace of mind, Hyper Fans come with a two-year guarantee, but you can reasonably expect them to last much longer.

A tethered fan speed controller is included with this unit, which allows you to manage airflow levels straight out of the box. It's worth bearing in mind that this controller is not temperature sensitive - if you want to regulate fan speeds according to room conditions, then you'll need to buy a separate controller.

Energy Savings:
Here's a quick breakdown of the energy savings you can make when you switch to a Hyper Fan from an AC fan with a roughly comparable airflow:

8-Inch HyperFan (1206 m3/hr)

0.075 kw/h x 24 hr x 365 days = 657 kw/h per year

10-Inch KSA (1500 m3/hr)

0.395 kw/h x 24 hr x 365 days = 3460.2 kw/h per year

How to Use this Product:
Hyper Fans are used to either draw stale air out of your grow room (extraction), or blow fresh air into your grow room (intake). The fan can be hung in the required location using the eyelets provided at each end. Many users prefer to use bungee cords, which help to reduce noise and vibration.

The fan should be mounted so that the required air-flow direction matches the arrow mark on the casing. On the output side of the fan, slide your ducting over the outlet sleeve and secure it in place with a Duct Clip.

Use a fast-clamp to connect the fan directly on to a 8-inch (200mm) carbon filter. Make sure that the filter is rated at a similar air-flow to the fan. Connect your fan speed controller and plug the unit in.

Do not under any circumstances put your fingers into the spinning blades of a fan, especially an in-line type. Even a small fan has enough power to cause severe injury and loss of fingers. Just don't do it, no matter how tempted you are. Keep ducting runs as short as possible, as every metre of ducting reduces the flow-rate that the fan can achieve. The more ducting attached, the lower the air-flow. Bear in mind that a carbon filter can reduce air-flow by about 20% just on its own. When turning a corner with ducting, try to create a swept bend rather than a sharp knee, as this will limit air-flow the least, and will help to keep wind-noise down. To further reduce noise, stretch flexi-ducting out as much as possible or use acoustic ducting.

 PHRESH Carbon Air Filters

Phresh have cemented their place in the industry for high quality carbon filters, using the very best ingredients and components unlike competitors alternative brands. This has given phresh carbon of the highest quality, with the external body of the filter made of light weight aluminium allows easy fitting carbon filter that will stand the test of time.
We could not recommend this product more

The filter is packed tight with 46mm (1.8") PRO-4/8 activated, certified virgin carbon to ensure maximum carbon density with less movement than other filters. The aluminium tops and bases (to improve air flow), as well as the 51% open mesh design means that these filters are much lighter than other filters of the equivalent size, giving extra peace of mind when suspending them above delicate plants.

Phresh Filter Carbon Filter come with a pre-filter that helps increase the products' lifespan; remember to give the machine washable pre-filter a wash roughly once every 6 months. Try to avoid conditions over 35C in temperature and 75-80%+ humidity as this can reduce the lifespan of your filter.

Ideal for use with any make of extraction fan we supply, though always make sure to choose the appropriate sized filter for the fan you are using. The perfect choice for complete odour control.

Aluminum tops and bases for reduced weight. Half the weight of other filters.
46mm (1.8") RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon bed.
Machine packed carbon means more carbon and less movement.
Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow.
Sealed, bagged, boxed and labeled directly after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling and presentation.
51% open air custom mesh.
Unique "Anti Air Bypass" System.
Large selection of sizes available to fit any application.
Flange & pre-filter included.

Phresh are the only filter company that use an independent quality control company to come in and randomly check their carbon filters to make sure you are only getting Triple activated virgin Australian carbon, guaranteed 100% PRO-4/8.