GAS Phonic Trap Ultra Silent Acoustic Ducting


Phonic Trap Acoustic Ducting is super silent, and super effective – helping to reduce any noise produced by your extraction system. It’s time to ditch your old ducting, and get some Phonic Trap to help keep your grow room whisper quiet.

How Phonic Trap Works

Accept no cheap imitations! Knock-off versions of Phonic Trap will NOT do the job to the same standard. PhonicTrap was designed in Europe for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. It is manufactured to conform to Reach certification and, for this reason, it's made from extremely high quality materials. There are three layers of ducting and each has been selected to help do two things: reduce noise and maximise airflow.

  • The black foil outer layer is made from high-quality layered aluminium with a metal spiral that minimises kinks, preventing obstructions from limiting airflow.
  • The white insulation was designed to allow air to travel through it without causing back pressure on the fan. 
  • The inter-woven material was, again, designed to insulate the sound without reducing air flow. The cross woven design dampens noise but does not increase pressure, unlike the cheap copies. The copies are made from a woollen-style material that causes a huge pressure restriction. This puts more PA on the fan reducing the air flow in the room, sometimes drastically. Lower airflow levels give you less control over the environment, causing issues with temperature and humidity, slowing down plant growth and increasing the chances of encountering powdery mildew... Buy the original and get the peace of mind instead.