Biotabs - Organic Starter Kit


Starter Pack - BioTabs

100% Organic Fertiliser

The BioTabs Starter Pack contains enough fertiliser to feed 5 plants from propagation all the way through to harvest. Simply mix the organic fertiliser into your growing media, add the beneficial fungi and bacteria, activate the ingredients with a watering of BioTabs liquid and away you go.

Each Starter Kit includes:

  • Bactrex: 25 Grams
    Bactrex is another section of the BioTabs ’organic growing & flowering method’. Bactrex contains mould of the genus trichoderma adding beneficial soil bacteria for your plants root system and is a soil fertility improver. Bactrex is a dry, water-soluble powder with a great number of beneficial soil and root microbes (including 6 strains of Bacillus spp.), fungi (trichoderma) and actinomycetes. These ingredients are specially selected for their constructive effect on soil structure and fertility. The specific root bacteria are “packaged” in soluble Yucca extract and organic catalysts to ensure rapid growth in plants root zone.
  • Mycotrex: 50 Grams
    Mycotrex is a 100% Organic growing & flowering method. Mycotrex is actually a mixture of 9 different types of mycorrhizae spores and approximately contains 88 spores per gram. Please read our mycorrhizae article to understand the full benefits of using mycorrhizae. Useful rhizobacteria and natural humic acids are also added to Mycotrex to encourage the initial root development. Check out our other mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria products.
  • BioTabs: 10 tablets
    100% Organic fertiliser tablets 10pcs 200g is a section of the BioTabs ’organic growing & flowering method’. BioTabs are totally 100% organic slow-release fertiliser tablets for your plants. The tablets contain a formula of slow-acting nitrogen, natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria. BioTabs actually condition your soil through microbiological activity while fertilising the plant. BioTabs is for soil and coco also for container and in-ground plants and lastly for indoor& outdoor growing. BioTabs contain: Bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal, natural humic acid, beneficial soil bacteria and a formula of slow-acting nitrogen.
    NPK 12-9-9

  • Orgatrex: 0.25 Litre
    Orgatrex is a 100% Organic liquid plant food for growth and flowering accelerator from the BioTabs ’organic growing & flowering method’. Orgatrex has a high content of trace elements and sugars, this product works harmoniously with the soil bacteria and mycorrhizae and acts as a food source for them. Orgratrex contains alfalfa meal, mixed molasses, kali vinasse, silicon oxide and rock dust as a basis for available micronutrients. All the ingredients are approved and strictly supervised by the British Soil Association.
    NPK 7-6-7

  • Startrex: 250 grams
    Startrex is a 100% Organic soil improver and fertiliser with high probiotic bacteria content. It is a part of the BioTabs ’organic growing & flowering method’. Startrex has a large quantity of soil bacteria that immediately work to improve the soil making it a excellent for rejuvenating your used mediums of soil or coco. The 3 components of Startrex are fulvic acids, humus and silicon. Startrex can be used for all kind of flowers, vegetables, herbs and to plant trees and shrubs. Great for soil and coco also for container and in-ground plants and lastly for indoor & outdoor growing.
    NPK 3-1-2

Keep cool and dry. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for consumption.