BAC - Organic PK Booster


PK Booster - BAC

PK Booster has had proven results within professional agriculture and horticulture sectors in the Netherlands. This PK Booster ensures stimulating your plants then creating a explosion of sugar production in your flowers. As a result of this, the quality, of the smell and taste, will improve significantly. This Organic PK booster is custom blended using only Soil Association approved ingredients. Also the Yucca contained in this has natural saponins (wetting agents), which aid the penetration of the plant feed into the soil or cocos.

NPK: 4 - 2 - 8

Derived from homogenised Alfalfa meal, mixed sugar Molasses, Kalivinasse, organic dilutant, stone meal, and balanced amount of trace elements

B.A.C. nutrients and stimulators are guaranteed organic; they are checked and certified by the Soil Association allowing them to carry the well-known EKO logo

Dosage: 10ml - 30ml per 10 Litres of water

Derived from: alfalfa meal, various sugar molasses, kali vinasse, stone meal and trace elements.