BAC - Organic Bloom


Organic Bloom - BAC

A specially formulated 100% Organic bloom formula for your plants entire flowering cycle. BAC use only high quality and easily absorbable fertilisers. Due to the purity of this liquid and containing all the necessary elements within, it offers your plants everything they will need to thrive during its blooming phase. With the intensity of a balanced bloom nutritional liquid, BAC gives you and your crop all it needs.

This will result in a fast and strong plant development during your bloom stage. BAC Organic Blooms ingredients are of such high quality that it has even been approved by the Soil Association. BAC Organic Bloom is especially great to use and works harmoniously well if you combine beneficial bacteriaƒ??s and mycorrhizae into your soil mix. Have a look at our BAC organic range.

NPK :  6-5-6

Tip: BAC Organic Bloom contains Yucca; Yucca is a natural dissolving agent that contributes to the proper soil penetration of the fertiliser. Yucca is more commonly known for its water stabilising and water retention properties.

Dosage: 20ml - 30ml per 10 Litres of water


  • Alfalfa food.
  • Mixture of sugar molasses.
  • Kalivinasse.
  • Organic Thinner.
  • Stone meal.
  • A balanced amount of trace elements.