Onion Organic Seeds - White Lisbon


RHS Award. 

One of the most popular vegetables for the salad garden. These are white skinned with a delicous mild flavour which are quick growing. Sow from March to August for salad onions, or as a substitute for chives in cooking. Use as a companion plant with carrots to deter carrot fly.



Early sowings in a cold frame or under cloches 1cm (1/2") deep. Later sowings outside in rows 1cm (1/2") deep with 10cm (4") between rows. Salad or spring onions do not need transplanting or thinning. Remove cloches or frame covers by mid-April. Pull alternate onions to naturally thin the crop during the season. They are ideal for successional sowing and, as they are in the ground for such a short time, may be grown between slower growing vegetables.

Pack Size: 400 Seeds