Oil Filled Heaters -GroWarm


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GroWarm Oil Heaters/Radiators are oil filled electric radiators designed to heat up large and small rooms, maximising heat output whilst not taking up much room. Overheating protection with an auto cut off features keeps both the user and the heater safe, by preventing it getting too hot or causing damage due to malfunctions.

  • Ideal for keeping rooms warm during the colder winter months
  • Specially designed fins allows heat to be evenly distributed
  • Adjustable thermostat along with overheating protection for maximum safety
  • Auto cut out feature on all models stops heaters causing damage due to malfunctions
  • Available in 3 power outputs
  • All models can easily be transported meaning they can be placed in most rooms
  • ​Timer dial on 2500w version means you can set the heater to come on and off when needed

Available power outputs: 1000w, and 2500w with timer